A University of Nigeria trained dental surgeon should be able to meet the vast majority of dental needs of the Nigerian society. The surgeon equipped with all the relevant clinical exposures should be able to adapt to changing local conditions. The undergraduate training in dental surgery of the university is therefore, drawn to prepare the student adequately for the professional and administrative leadership roles that will be expected of him as a practicing dental surgeon.

Also, it is aimed that each product of the programme will be exposed to pedagogy to equip him with the competence to assist in further training and supervision of para-dental staff placed under him. At the end of the training, the graduate of the programme should have definite competence in the areas of diagnosis and management of all common dental disorders.

Programme Objectives

1.  GOAL:
The goal is to contribute to the improvement of the health of the population
2. General objective:
The general objective is to train competent dental surgeons sufficient to meet the needs of the population.

3. Specific objectives:
Dental surgeons themselves should be capable of the following:
– Make a correct diagnosis
– Treat oral health diseases
– Be equipped for advanced professional training anywhere in the world
– Have a mastery of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) advances and the changes occurring in the area of dental surgery
– Be equipped for lifelong skills development/learning throughout his/her professional career
– Practice efficiently anywhere within the ECOWAS region

Dental surgeons in relation to the community should be able to:
– Carry out research work on oral health issues concerning the population
– Make use of appropriate measures (namely: preventive, promotion and curative) as solutions to the health problems encountered by individuals, families and communities
– Play a leading role within the health team so as to work harmoniously with other professionals
– Have competences comparable to those of international dental surgeons
– Be prepared for further studies in any branch of health and sciences related to his/her activities
– Be capable of carrying out research activities

Dental surgeons in relation to their team:
– Be capable of joining and leading a health team
– Be capable of developing capacity in training and learning in a continuous manner
– Be equipped for leadership role in the health team, plan, implement and evaluate healthcare services
– Be capable of leading a team for the management of epidemics and disasters

Dental surgeons in relation to their profession should:
– Be capable of maintaining and developing required character and personal attitudes for professional life, notably:
• Personal integrity
• Sense of responsibility
• Capacity for communication
• Show interest and respect for their clients and colleagues
To this end, the dental surgeon is duty-bound to observe the obligations and regulations governing his/her profession.

Scope of the Programme
Child Dental Health
Oral Pathology
Oral Surgery
Preventive and Community Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry