Oral Maxillofacial Surgery-Course Modules

Oral medicine course content

  1. Oral mucosa in health and disease.
  2. Investigations and diagnoses of diseases of the Oral Mucosa
  3. Oral facial pain.
  4. TMJ and myofascial Pain dysfunction
  5. Viral infections of the Oro-facial region
  6. Oral Mucosal Ulcerations
  7. Disorders of Salivary Secretion
  8. Halitosis
  9. Vesiculo-bullous lesions of the Oro-facil region
  10. Psychiatric disorders in dental practice
  11. Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice.
  12. Oro-facial Manifestation of Systemic diseases
  13. Candida infection of the Oral Mucosa
  14. Differential diagnosis of white lesions of the Oral Mucosa
  15. Facial neuralgia and neuralgia-like pain.
  16. Abnormal reaction for the Oral Mucosa to Drugs
  17. Abnormal pigmentation of the oral mucosa
  18. Swellings of the lips, tongue and buccal mucosa
  19. Diseases of Nutrition
  20. Bone diseases
  21. Diseases of Teeth and Periodontal tissues


  1. Dental caries and the squeal.
  2. Developmental and acquired abnormalities of teeth, face and jaws.
  3. Lesions of the pulp and periapical tissue
  4. Gingivitis and periodontal disease
  5. Infections of the oral mucosa
  6. Cysts of the jaws and oral soft tissues
  7. Odontogenic tumors
  8. Non odontogenic tumours
  9. Salivary gland disorders
  10. Inflammatory bone lesions
  11. Congenital and metabolic conditions of bone
  12. Tumours and other lesions of bone
  13. White and pigmented lesions of oral mucosa
  14. Vesiculo-bullous and Ulcerative diseases of oral mucosa
  15. Oral Cancer and premalignant lesions of oral mucosa.
  16. Disorders of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
  17. Forensic Dentistry.

Departmental grants

The department gets its grant from the University through College of Medicine DTLC/Goods and Services.


The Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery is part of the Faculty of Dentistry. It has from the beginning handled basic Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology.

Our vision is to provide specialist care for our immediate environment and serve as a foremost referral centre for most hospitals and clinics in eastern Nigeria in particular and Nigeria in general. With this in mind our mission is to nurture skilled and competent undergraduate and post graduate students who are trained to the best standards.